Benefits of Online Tutoring

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Online tutoring sessions have a number of benefits for students including the ability to schedule sessions around student and family life and the flexibility to work from any location. This allows students to get help with a variety of subjects and can be more affordable than in-person options.

Many online tutoring platforms include tools like virtual whiteboards that allow tutors and students to interact in real time, make note-taking easier and improve collaboration. They also help tutors keep track of student progress. TutorCruncher for instance sends automatic notifications and reminders to both students and tutors, as well as giving tutors the ability to quickly reschedule classes if necessary.

Tutors should be able to use these tools to create lessons that are engaging and interesting for students. They should also encourage discussion of the subject matter to help students develop a deeper understanding of the topic.

When it comes to finding an online tutor, it’s a good idea to ask teachers, guidance counselors and other education professionals for recommendations. They’ll likely be able to recommend programs that have been effective for their students in the past.

During online tutoring sessions, students should be encouraged to apply what they’ve learned by solving problems and applying it to practice tasks. This helps them cement new knowledge and makes sessions more stimulating and engaging. They should also be given quick closing assessments to give them immediate feedback on their performance and progress. If working with a group of students, tutors should try to pick purposeful pairs for group-work tasks that are appropriate for their skill levels.

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