10 Common Moving Frauds Used By Long Distance Moving Companies

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In case it’s your first time to move to another state, it is really difficult for you to hire long distance moving companies. You need to be very careful in making decision because of the drawbacks that it may have, especially on the money that you would be spending. To warn you about moving scams, below are the top 10 list that fraudulent long distance moving companies use among their clients. Take time to read this so you will be aware and be prepared in case you will encounter these situations when you are moving to a new state.

1. Asking for large initial cash-out: Never choose a long distance moving companies that ask for a big amount of cash deposit. They might just want to have your money and gain control over the situation, but be reminded, trustworthy companies just ask for the remaining payment after the service has been completed. When making deposit, it is advisable to make it via a credit card; this makes you more protected from any attempts of extortion.

2. Some companies underrate what your specs are, and then they will ask for extra charges: Moving companies that doesn’t take a look on the property that you will be moving is somewhat worth investigating for. Are you not bothered why they are so relaxed considering that your property that will be moved can totally change their expenditures? Providers who conduct business this way will surely give you significant additional charges soon after their services.

3. Be cautious, some moving companies improperly handle your things: They need to handle your things properly, especially if you pay them to pack your things. On the other hand, irresponsible moving companies may just break your things, so getting suggestions from somebody will greatly help.

4. Some moving companies may not give insurance towards your properties: Property can be really damaged in some instances of move but some movers are insured so they can cover up for this cost. To make sure that your things will be covered for damages, extensively check what your moving company can offer for insurance.

5. Staffs and employees of these companies do not undergo any background checks and even drug testing: You better check this out before letting your moving company handle things for you. There could be a high percentage of improper handling when proper checks like this doesn’t takes place, worst is to lose your hard-earned properties.

6. Moving companies are getting control of your properties; your things are their hostage: This kind of moving scam is very frightening and it’s just one of the most common; after the move has been facilitated, you will be shocked for huge additional charges. These companies will treat your possessions like a hostage and you can only claim it as soon as you pay the charges that they are imposing. It’s truly distressing to be in this kind of situation; therefore, you have to make sure that everything is clear and written.

7. Written contract is not provided by your movers: A written contract keeps both parties protected; before you get into any transactions or official agreement, be sure to have this formal document.
8. In a much worse scenario, a moving company will ask you to enter a blank contract: Don’t ever agree on that! Entering to this kind of scenario is just a trap – Never ever do this at any point of time and stay away from any companies who attempt to pressure you on signing this blank contract.

9. Frequently changing of different business names: Bogus companies are changing their names frequently in order to avoid being blacklisted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – make sure to check the track records of your long distance moving companies before considering them.

10. They provide their customers a very low rate: Ultimately, anyone wouldn’t want to pay much for their move – you might need to question your provider in case they are offering the same service with a competitor which is cheaper by hundreds of dollars. Is it just a tactic like “bait and switch” or are there other reasons why they could offer a very huge discount rate.. moving companies near me

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