12 Sure Ways to Get More Customers

There are many ways which you can promote your services or products but it seems not every company owner is utilizing from them. I was on MSN messenger the other day and there was a friend online who was reading some of the articles I have written so far.

As he was telling me that he found them interesting etc I suddenly asked him this question “What do you like to read about?” And he answered the question like this “I like to read about the internet and computers but what I really want to read about these days is how to get customers,Guest Posting a short article. I then said “Well you know what you just gave me an idea of what to write about my next article .

I will be telling you some tips which I think will work if implemented well and bring customers to you .

This friend I’m talking about has recently started a web hosting company and he is trying the best he can to make it the best company and take his share from this industry. So that is how I got the idea of writing this article.

It is really hard to promote a new company into a crowded industry such as the web hosting industry where people start new companies daily.

Like I said before there are many tactics which are legitimate and as a company owner you are supposed to use them for your company and see the outcome.

As you can see now, Today in this article I will explain some tips which you can use to get customers or more customers .There will be 12 tips as the title of the article says and most of them will not cost anything if you want to use them for your company.

But You know when you want to start a business you will have to invest some cash into it and see how it goes so that is why the tips which will cost you something worth all the money you spend on them.

All the 12 tips I covered here can be used for any business type even though I wrote them for the web hosting companies. All right why don’t we start explaining the 12 sure ways to get more customers ? Ok then here we start doing so.

1.Referral Program.

This is one of the best ways to get customers or new customers. You can setup a referral system which your current customers can sign up to refer customers to you.

You give the customer a special tracking url which he can then give it to any one he wants to sign up through his special tracking url.

So whenever an existing customer’s url is used then that customer gets a commission like 15 % of the price .Also you offer his is own account where he can track the statistics of his campaign etc.

It is better to automatically sign up any new customer the referral program so he or she can start referring customers to you right away without having to go through another sign up process than the first sign up process which is when filling out the order form.

For that reason ask the person whether or not to sign up for the referral program with the same information provided with the order form .

And for the management and the tracking url which we I mentioned above you can use many ready programs and scripts which will just do that and more .Some billing soft wares allow you to sign up affiliates and give them that special tracking url .

That is the number of tip and it works well because I have seen it and used it for my company and recently I made some research and asked some hosting companies how they got most of their customers and most of their answers were through referral system. So start setting up a referral system and see how it comes out.

2. Word of Mouth

This is very similar to the referral program except that the existing customer doesn’t get any commission and no special tracking url.This one works very well too and I saw companies got customers in that way. In order to make an existing customer refer new customers to you ,you should be providing good service to him and he should be happy .

So make sure you do the best you can make your existing customers happy because happy customers mean more business is on the way and that they will not hesitate to refer new customers to you. Trovare lavoro

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