5 Piece Wall Art

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The right wall art piece can turn a plain room into an outstandingly beautiful space. Whether you’re looking to add an accent piece to your living space or a stunning focal point to your bedroom, 5 piece wall art is an ideal way to make an impact. Americanflat’s collection of framed and canvas wall art sets is a professionally curated selection that offers the perfect balance of contemporary style with a timeless aesthetic.

Multi panel canvas wall art is a popular decor choice for home spaces. Its unique design is a popular alternative to traditional framed wall art and creates an eye-catching effect that’s sure to leave your guests speechless. This is because the printed image is separated into multiple canvas prints rather than a single frame. The result is a dynamic assembly of panels that give the impression of a flowing waterfall across your wall decor.

A 5 piece canvas wall art set is a great way to decorate large walls in your home. The awe-inspiring effect of a photograph being spread across five separate canvas panels can make a room feel completely transformed. Creating a 5 piece gallery wall set requires careful planning to ensure that the photos are separated in a way that they will create a cohesive whole when hung together.

When hanging a 5-piece wall art set, the midpoint of the pieces should be 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This will ensure that the art is in the optimal viewing position for most people in your household. If you’re hanging the artwork over furniture, such as a sofa or headboard, it should be placed no more than two-thirds of the height of the furniture piece to avoid overwhelming the space. 5 piece wall art

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