A Judaica Store Near Me

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Until now, locals and visitors looking for a Judaica Store Near Me have had two options in Manhattan: West Side Judaica on the Upper West Side and J. Levine Books and Judaica in Midtown. But at the end of May, J. Levine will close. Daniel Levine, the fourth-generation owner of the Midtown Manhattan shop, said he’s seeing a shift in the way people buy Jewish gifts and ritual objects. “The next generation doesn’t shop in stores,” he told The New York Jewish Week.

Levine’s sales have been hurt by the rise of online shopping, but he has invested in an online presence and sells products as a third-party on Amazon, where he says he gets about 20 percent more revenue. He has also tried to offer more services to his customers, including hosting a monthly Torah class. But it hasn’t been enough to make up for the decline in sales.

The right side of the store still looks largely like a standard-issue Jewish bookshop: volumes from Orthodox publisher ArtScroll sitting regally on shelves alongside specialty titles on medical ethics, biblical geography and how to comfort mourners; a rack of prayer shawls in back; and a stack of framed wedding contracts up front. But on the left, it’s an emporium of novelties made for an Orthodox clientele with money to spend. There are greeting cards embossed with menorahs, birthday wishes in Hebrew or “Welcome to your new yeshiva.” There’s a line of games from Magical Mitzvah Park to Cholent, The Game!

GARY ROSENTHAL, a metal sculptor, creates pieces that come from his fascination with objects of ritual. Regardless of the faith with which they are associated, he says, he believes Judaica holds deep meaning and is imbued with a spiritual power.

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