Benefits of Real-Time Utility Monitoring

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Real-time utility monitoring gathers data efficiently, detects trends or anomalies and delivers insights for improved decision-making. It allows managers to proactively manage utilities versus reactively managing them based on monthly utility bills. Energy managers can glean insight beyond interval data such as identifying high energy-consuming assets and their usage patterns, optimizing operational scheduling and achieving energy savings targets and goals more accurately.

Anomalies are immediately detected and reported through an easy to use interface. This helps reduce base loads, identify peak hours and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption that can lead to unexpectedly high utility bills. Energy managers can also monitor and detect water leaks, equipment failures, and other potential problems before they cause major damage.

Monitoring of remote machinery or equipment can thwart theft and other security breaches. Combining real-time monitoring with AI, specifically unsupervised machine learning algorithms, can predict the access behavior of machines or equipment and determine if there is a likely break-in or breach in progress. An alert can be triggered to stop the activity and protect property or assets before damage occurs.

Whether tracking electricity, gas or water, a real-time monitoring system will provide the data you need in the moment. Unlike “interval” data collected by the utility company (Green Button data), which is generally reported back to your building 24 hours after it’s been collected, real-time monitoring is minute by minute data and provides an accurate depiction of your buildings usage and energy performance right now. real-time utility monitoring

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