Blossoms by the Park

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Blossoms by the park are one of the most spectacular sights to see in spring. Known as sakura, these blossoms are the symbol of life’s fleeting beauty and are considered an important part of Japanese culture. They can appear as early as February in some parts of the country, but most cities will experience peak blooms in March or April.

There are many beautiful things to see in the springtime, but a cherry tree is one of the most iconic and breathtaking. They are the national flower of Japan and attract nature lovers from around the world.

The blossoms can range from deep magenta to pale pink, and are a must-see when spring arrives. But these beauties are temporary — their season lasts only a few weeks. That’s why the Central Park Conservancy has a handy new tool that will help you track their peak bloom dates in real time.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – The most iconic of all NYC spots to see cherry trees in bloom is at BBG, which boasts an elaborate Japanese garden and a esplanade lined with gorgeous sakura. The park also hosts weekend events and cultural programming for guests to enjoy the florals, including a Japanese teahouse and dance performances.

Central Park – The most famous of all NYC parks is also a great place to see the cherry trees in bloom. Here, you can expect to see deep-hued flowers on early-blooming Okame cherries (mid-park from 59th to 86th streets), plus jaw-dropping Kwanzan cherry trees decked out with double-petaled pink blossoms that have yet to hit their peak phase (mid-park from 72nd to 85th streets).

Jackson Park – The Japanese Garden on Wooded Island and the Columbian Basin are home to about 190 cherry trees that typically bloom each year. They are the centerpiece of the Japanese garden and families come to see them in full bloom, a tradition known as hanami.

Yale – The Yale campus is home to several cherry trees, with three of them growing near the entrance to dining halls that typically bloom in late March or early April. The trees are surrounded by historic buildings and provide a picturesque backdrop for visitors to take in the stunning blooms.

Grove Cemetery – The cemetery is known for its blooming trees, and the flowers are even more stunning when you walk through the gates of the cemetery. The flowers smell fragrant and the petals are soft and delicate.

Mill River Park – If you’re looking for something a little more wild, Mill River Park is a great place to enjoy cherry trees that create a canopy of pink above the pathways. There are also plenty of opportunities to sit and enjoy the beautiful blooms along the river banks.

Snug Harbor – A promenade on Cottage Row puts cherry trees on display, as does the NY Chinese Scholar’s Garden at Snug Harbor. The latter is also home to plum blossoms, which can be spotted throughout the month of March and April.

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