Boiling Water Taps

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Boiling water taps look and work like a standard kitchen tap, except they have the added feature of boiling water on demand. They’re also fitted with child-safety mechanisms.

They heat mains-fed water in an insulated tank before dispensing it. This helps to eliminate bacteria like giardia and cryptosporidium that would otherwise require you to boil your water.

Product Description

The boiling water tap is a smart kitchen gadget that makes it much quicker and easier to boil water for cooking. It works by taking the water from your property’s mains, heating it up with an electric element within a small, thermally-insulated tank. This allows you to dispense steaming hot water at the push of a button.

Boiling tap water is often considered safer than regular tap water because the high temperatures kill off harmful bacteria. However, it is important to note that boiling water does not actually remove contaminants such as lead, chlorine or pesticides from your water supply.

Most boiling water taps have a catch that you need to hold down to keep the water running. This ensures that you can’t accidentally leave the tap running – and also stops anyone else from using the tap if they are not supposed to. Some taps have extra safety features, such as a childproof double push and turn switch or a locking mechanism.

A boiling water tap can be a smart addition to your home and make it a lot easier to cook, clean and do chores around the house. It can also help you save time and energy by reducing the need to boil water on the stove, or by allowing you to quickly brew a cup of coffee or tea in under 30 seconds. Most models offer filtered cold drinking water, too – eliminating the need for a separate water filter that takes up valuable fridge space.

Product Benefits

Every time you turn around, it seems like there’s a new must-have kitchen gadget, and with many of these being aimed at show-off innovation, it can sometimes be difficult to identify what will actually make a difference to your life. However, one item that is a true game-changer is an instant boiling water tap.

These innovative pieces of kit allow you to remove your kettle from the countertop, allowing for less clutter and making it easier to clean. They can also save money on energy and bills by reducing your usage, as you only boil water when you need it. They can also be fitted with a water filter that helps to purify the water you’re drinking, removing chlorine, lead, turbidity and unpleasant taste and odours.

Boiling water taps work by heating a tank of water before it is then pumped into the spout when activated, so the temperature is always consistent and controlled. As such, they are also safe to use, with most coming with inbuilt child safety mechanisms that help to reduce the risk of scalding or burning when using the tap. They can be paired with cold water taps to offer an all-in-one kitchen solution, with some models delivering ambient and chilled water too. Some even feature the revolutionary ProBoil 3 technology by InSinkErator, which is able to heat and store boiling water without a boiler.

Product Installation

Many boiling water taps are designed to look just like a regular kitchen tap, so they can be installed in the same place. The main difference is that they can also dispense hot boiling water on demand and often come with a separate in-cup boiling system too. The result is that you can get rid of the kettle, which saves space on your kitchen counters and can reduce clutter.

The way these taps work is that they have a built-in thermally-insulated tank which heats up the water before it’s delivered to you on demand. They’re generally small and compact enough to be installed underneath your sink, with a tank heater that plugs into a power socket and keeps the water heated ready to be dispensed as and when required.

These taps also have safety features such as a button that you need to hold down in order to use the boiling water, and they’re heavily insulated to make sure that they don’t get too hot to touch. Some models even have a timer and sleep function that will shut them off after a set period of inactivity.

Other models can be combined with a hot/cold water kitchen tap to give you everything you need in one convenient unit, and some can also dispense filtered cold water as well. This eliminates the need for a separate water filter that takes up valuable fridge space, and it gives you crisp filtered drinking water that tastes great.

Product Care

When looking at a boiling water tap it is important to see how the product can be used safely in the home. For example, does the spout of the tap get hot to touch or is it well insulated and designed so that it can only be opened once the boiling water has been dispensed? This is very important especially if children or elderly people live in the home.

In addition, look for a tap that has child safety features. Often this includes a double push and turn mechanism, or a child lock that requires two different actions to unlock. This is a great way to ensure that young children can’t accidentally turn on the tap and dispense scalding water.

Boiling water taps are also a convenient way to dispense hot water quickly and safely when a boil water advisory is issued for your local area. When this happens, your local public health department recommends that you use bottled water or boil your tap water for drinking and cooking. Boiling water kills most harmful germs in tap water, but it does not remove chemical contaminants like chlorine or lead from the water.

It’s best to keep your boiling water tap in top working order by ensuring that the filter cartridge is replaced twice a year and the boiler tank is deep cleaned annually. This will prevent scale build up and protect the heating element inside the tank.

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