Choosing an IVF Clinic

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Choosing an IVF Clinic is a big decision. Many factors go into it, including cost, services offered, and how well your family-building plan jibes with the clinic’s track record of success. Some clinics also offer financing options, payment plans and money-back guarantees, which are worth looking into.

IVF treatment starts with injectable hormone medications to encourage your ovaries to make multiple eggs (rather than just one as happens naturally). After the eggs are fertilized in a lab, some are removed from your uterus and placed in your partner’s uterus — or in an artificial womb called a gestational carrier. Typically, you will have to undergo several cycles of IVF before you become pregnant.

Some patients choose to use donor sperm or eggs, which requires a separate set of procedures and can add to the overall cost. For example, people undergoing cancer treatments may have their healthy eggs or sperm frozen so they can be used for IVF when they complete their treatment. Donors are usually friends or relatives, but they can be strangers as well. If you’re interested in using a known egg donor, be sure to ask the clinic what their guidelines are.

It’s also important to look at pregnancy and birth rates for individual clinics, but remember that these statistics don’t tell you much about your chances of becoming pregnant because success rates depend on patient characteristics, such as age and history of previous IVF. You can also find out more about clinics’ success rates by looking at rates per cycle of treatment or per embryo transferred.

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