Cloud Gavel and Law Firms

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The legal document automation that Gavel offers helps law firms improve efficiency and reduce costs. With this software, attorneys can spend more time on billable work and client service. It also helps improve key performance indicators like utilization rate and realization rate. The cloud is becoming more reliable and secure for business use, and this makes it a great option for law firms looking to upgrade their processes and embrace technology.

Cloud gavel is the leading electronic warrant system in the country and has processed millions of transactions for arrest and search warrants, affidavits and more. Founded in 2007 by FusionStak LLC, the company is led by a dynamic group of professionals with a passion for public safety. They are committed to delivering the best problem-solving solutions on the market.

Officers can create an eWarrant from any internet-capable device with a simple, user-friendly interface. The system then sends the information to the judge or DA for review and approval. This allows officers to quickly get an approval for their warrant in the field without having to come into the office. It also reduces the risk of a suspect being tipped off or fleeing before the officer can take action.

Officers can also upload information from their computer to the eWarrant system, and a secure video link is established with the judge or DA. The judges and commissioners can then log in to their cloud gavel account on a smartphone or tablet for a digital review of the warrant. They can approve or reject the warrant and issue a bond order (if applicable). cloud gavel

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