Cloud Gavel for Law Enforcement Warrant Applications

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Gavel is a software solution developed to help law enforcement agencies with their warrant applications. It enables them to submit applications and receive responses from judges online. Additionally, it enables officers to upload the evidence to support their warrant application and sends a secure link for approval by the judge. The system also offers the ability to track the status of a warrant and allow prosecutors to access the warrant application for review.

The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Its clientele includes the Baton Rouge Police Department, Gonzales Police Department and New Orleans Police Department. Gavel offers a variety of services, such as eWarrant solutions, case management solutions and law enforcement training. Gavel also provides a centralized warrant database called Arrest Warrant Xchange for law enforcement agencies across the country.

A top eWarrant solution, FusionStak empowers officers to perform their duties without being tied to the office. This enables them to take action as soon as probable cause is established and prevents suspects from escaping. The software saves countless officer work hours that would otherwise be spent on paperwork and file processing. It also reduces unplanned overtime and eliminates delays in apprehension of criminals.

The eWarrant solution is equipped with a centralized warrant database and features a seamless workflow system that allows officers to submit a warrant request online and receive a response from the on-call judge in less than 15 minutes. It also helps officers to gather a blood sample from suspected DUI/DWI drivers before the alcohol has a chance to dissipate and affect the true BAC reading. cloud gavel

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