Divorce Mediation Service

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If your divorce is a mess and you want to end it amicably, mediation could be the way to go. Mediation involves meeting with a neutral third party called a mediator, who helps you and your ex-partner work through the issues in your case, such as how to divide up assets (like a home or family business), child custody and difficult visitation disputes. It’s usually cheaper and less traumatic than litigation.

The process is also more flexible. The mediator can help you create a settlement that fits your family’s unique needs and circumstances. The process can take anywhere from three to eight one-and-a-half to two-hour sessions, depending on your situation and the complexity of your divorce.

A private mediator may charge either an hourly rate or a flat fee for a session. Some offer packages that include a certain number of mediation hours, while others will quote a price after an evaluation of your case.

If you’re unable to afford a private mediator, check for low-cost community mediation services in your area. You can find local community mediation centers on the website for the National Association for Community Mediation. Make sure to ask about the mediators’ qualifications and training in divorce issues. Divorce mediation service

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