Drug Charges Lawyer – How a Drug Charges Lawyer Can Help You Minimize the Impact of a Conviction

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A conviction for drug-related offenses can have serious, long-lasting consequences that include expensive fines and incarceration. Convictions also affect employment, career advancement and educational opportunities and can cause loss of professional licenses. In addition, they can prevent you from obtaining certain government assistance and negatively impact your child custody and adoption proceedings. An experienced New York drug charges lawyer can help you minimize the impact of a conviction by aggressively defending you.

A criminal drug lawyer will help you defend against possession charges by challenging the validity of the search and seizure. In cases where police have searched without probable cause or a warrant, your attorney can file a motion to suppress evidence and the evidence may be tossed from the case. You can also use the defense that you would not have committed the crime if the police had not entrapped you into doing so.

The intent to distribute
If the amount of drugs found exceeds the amount expected for personal use, you can be charged with drug distribution. This charge is a felony and carries more severe penalties than simple possession. A criminal drug attorney will analyze your case to determine if you had the intent to distribute drugs and then fight to have your charge reduced or dismissed. They can also negotiate with district attorneys for less serious penalties such as probation and community service. This can save you jail time, expensive fines and loss of your job.

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