DWI Attorneys and Where to Find One

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There are a lot of DWI attorneys in Bexar County that are happy to help drivers who have been arrested on alcohol related offenses. You can find a lot of these experienced attorneys in the phone book or on the Internet.

While it is easy to find a Bexar County DWI lawyer, finding the right attorney for you may take a bit more work. Every lawyer’s ad claims that the lawyer is experienced and will fight hard for you. So how do you know which lawyer to choose?

It is very important to take an arrest for DWI in Bexar County very serious. DWI attorneys will tell you that this offense in Texas carries a mandatory fine. Offenders can be sentenced to up to ten years in prison. Even if the offense is your first, you can still spend anywhere between three days to six months in jail, and expect fines up to $2000.

If you have been arrested for DWI and are afraid of the consequences for you and your family if you are convicted, then you need to address the situation immediately. Failure to request a special hearing within fifteen days will result in a loss of your Texas driver’s license. Make sure you get an attorney who is aware of the procedures and won’t lose your case on a technicality.

In Texas, a person is considered legally intoxicated if the alcohol concentration in his or her breath, blood, or urine is .08 percent or above. In certain circumstances, Texas’s legal definition of intoxication can be met with a concentration of even lower than .08 percent. If a person experiences a loss of his or her normal mental or physical abilities and has alcohol or a controlled substance in their body, he or she is considered intoxicated. In addition, consuming any amount of alcohol-no matter how small-while operating a motor vehicle is also an offense.

The least amount of jail time spent for a DWI in Texas is three days or 72 hours. If someone is caught with a bottle of alcohol that is open, the minimum jail time is then six days. A DWI will lead to suspension of license anywhere between 90 days to one year. A license can also be suspended without a conviction if there is evidence of alcohol through a breath, blood, or urine test, according to Texas DWI lawyers.

In your quest for DWI lawyers located in Bexar County, search for one who is aware of the expectations for both sides, prosecutor and defender. Attorneys ought to realize the way to present challenges to blood and breath assessment results along with the way to safeguard what the Constitution entitles you to. car wreck lawyer

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