Electronic Analytical Balance Price

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An electronic analytical balance price is a highly sensitive weighing instrument that is used in labs to detect extremely small sample differences. It is designed to reduce sources of error or interference in meticulous weighing processes by measuring mass with extreme precision. It is ideal for laboratory weighing applications that require precise measurements such as density determination, formulation, differential weighing, and pipette calibration. It is commonly found in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and research industries.

With capacities ranging from 80g up to 520g and readability of 0.1 mg, METTLER TOLEDO XPR Excellence Series Analytical Balances offer the high weighing accuracy you want with all the features you need. Built-in applications help you save time and effort, while intelligent functions such as StaticDetect prevent static charge from interfering with correct results and the StatusLight, LevelControl and GWP Approved ensure that all conditions for accurate weighing are met, so your results can be trusted.

For a more cost-effective option, METTLER TOLEDO’s ML-T Series of entry level Analytical Balances provides essential functionality and solid performance. They are simple to use with an optimized touchscreen display that can be operated through gloves. They also come standard with METTLER TOLEDO’s MonoBloc weighing cell and ProFACT automatic internal adjustment technology. They are robust enough to withstand tough environments and feature an internal draft shield and a metal base for durability.

The ML-TS Series of METTLER TOLEDO’s XPR Excellence series offers the high weighing accuracy you want with all of the features you need. Built-in applications simplify your everyday weighing tasks and help you save time and effort. Intelligent functions such as SmartGrid and automated doors make operation as simple as possible. The built-in application iCalendar helps you plan your work and stay organized, while the Results Protocol automatically creates and prints a report of all your weighing results. electronic analytical balance price

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