ET1 Templates

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ET1 Templates
The ET1 is a form that allows employees to file an Employment Tribunal claim, which is used for things such as unfair dismissal and discrimination. It’s a critical document to get right, as it must be filed within a certain time frame (typically three months minus one day) in order to proceed with the case. A well-drafted ET1 will allow the claimant to include a variety of details about their case, including personal information, the respondent (the employer)’s information, and an account of their grievance.

Generally speaking, the ET1 will ask for some personal information, including name, address, date of birth, and a valid email address. Additionally, it will request the claimant’s current job title, salary, and any additional benefits they receive. The form will then require a detailed description of the claimant’s complaint, including relevant legal grounds for their claim (such as breach of contract and discrimination).

Due to the complexities of employment law, it’s a good idea for claimants to consult with a legal expert prior to filing an ET1. An attorney can guide them through the specifics of their case and help them fill out the ET1 in a way that maximizes the chances of success. Moreover, a tax accountant can also help to strengthen claims, as they can offer insight into the financial implications of various types of cases. In many ways, a tax accountant can act as an extension of the claimant’s legal team, ensuring that all of their bases are covered. ET1 Templates

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