EV Charger Manufacturers

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With EV adoption rising, the charging infrastructure required to keep e-car drivers on the road is in high demand. With major players and hungry new entrants alike pushing for market share, the space has never been more competitive. In the race to provide EV chargers, there are a number of industry manufacturers that offer a variety of products and solutions to suit different needs.

With extensive solutions for home, commercial, and fleet charging, Swedish-Swiss giant ABB is one of the most trusted names in EV hardware. The company’s renowned R&D capabilities allow them to push forward the latest technological advances in EV charging. With strong partnerships and high profile automakers, ABB is quickly becoming a household name for EV charging.

Semma Connect
Established in 2008, Semma Connect designs, manufactures and distributes a broad range of EV charging stations for residential and commercial use in the US. The company also works with partners to develop unique software solutions to ensure that all EV drivers have access to the best possible charging experience.

Siemens Energy
Established in 2001, Siemens Energy is a division of the German-based technology conglomerate Siemens AG that produces electricity generation equipment and power transmission systems. They have a long history of working in the oil and gas sector, but in recent times they have been working on transforming to a greener business. Their EV charging stations are a testament to their commitment to helping people switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. EV Charger Manufacturers

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