Explosion Proof Electric Actuators On/Off

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About Explosion Proof Electric Actuators On/Off
The WE Series and XE Series explosion-proof electric actuators are designed to automate quarter turn operating applications for Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Plug valves and Dampers. They are ATEX/IECEx Certified Ex d IIB T4 Gb, IP67 and have a variety of output torques to suit your valve automation needs.

Electric actuators are an ideal choice for areas with a potential for hazardous atmospheres as they do not produce sparks, like their pneumatic counterparts. They also have fail-safe mechanisms that will revert to the manual position in case of a power loss, making them a safer option for explosive environments.

They are easy to install and use standard ISO 5211 multi-flange mounting, and have a visual and electrical valve position indicator to assist in the installation process. They can be equipped with the intelligent, modulating and adjustable types to meet your specific requirements.

For rotary movement, the servo electric actuators are the Einsteins of the group, providing rotational movements of up to 360 degrees. They are a great choice for applications requiring high levels of precision and control. Intelligent and smart electric actuators are the tech-savvy members of the family, integrating bus control technology, absolute encoder technology, infrared remote control technology, LCD screen and more into one Smart product. They have the capability to connect and communicate with a PC software that allows for remote analysis and operation. They are a great option for demanding conditions, such as harsh chemical applications or hygienic pharmaceutical production. Explosion Proof Electric Actuators On/Off

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