Factors That Makes Singapore The Ultimate Asian Travel Hub

With so much to explore and discover,Factors That Makes Singapore The Ultimate Asian Travel Hub Articles the Singapore City Sightseeing tour gives you a wonderful opportunity to sneak peek into the traditions, cultures, and heritage of Singapore. People love the food in Singapore as there are diverse cuisines to taste and a treat for your enticing taste buds. We have enlisted below the top 5 things which make Singapore a world-class holiday destination.

  1. Singapore consists of 63 beautiful islands

Considering the small size of Singapore, this fact is hard to believe, but this is actually true. Singapore Islands consists of 63 stunning islands. The Singapore Main Island is nestled around 62 surrounding islands and this gives tourists and locals a perfect opportunity to look out for a weekend getaway to relax and rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul as you break away from the shackles of a busy city. The largest offshore islands apart from the main island are Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin, and Sentosa Island. The smallest of the lot is Pulau Sejarah Kechil spread over a land area of 0.1 hectares. Each island carries its own charm and ambiance. You do not need a passport or any formal document to shuffle between these islands, apart from the mandatory documents needed for arrival in Singapore. If you are looking for something special during weekends or other days. Explore these alluring islands and uncover its hidden facts. One of the things which should be on top of your list when you indulge in Singapore City Sightseeing.

  1. A Melting pot of diverse cultures

Singapore is considered the melting pot of diverse cultures from around the world. Right from the annual bazaar held at Geylang in the month of June to the Hindu Deepavali festival held in October. The visitors in Singapore get a rare opportunity to experience the wonderful diversity and different cultures co-existing present harmoniously in Singapore. There is an array of temples, churches, and mosques coexisting next to each other and this unique merge of different religions and cultures is reflected in the city’s food, language, and music offerings. One of the popular centers includes the Maxwell Food Centre which serves dozens of ethnic cuisines under one roof. No matter what your liking is whether it is music, being a part of the cultural festivals, or food. Singapore plays hosts of a wide range of events every month. For food lovers, the Singapore Food Festival in July each year is a true delight. For the funky music lovers, the Neon Lights festival in November which also features the finest restaurants in town or visit the Singapore Symphony Orchestra which hosts several events all through the year.

  1. World-class hotels with amazing features

There is an incredible addition to the list of exotic hotels in Singapore which are epitomized by the ultra-stylish and opulent Warehouse Hotel. The structure is housed in a 19th-century makeover warehouse set on the banks of the Robertson Quay and is considered by many as a showcase of local talent, yummy food in Singapore, and a host of other attractions. The structure at one time was a hideout for secret societies and underground liquor distilleries. This modern industrial style of this hotel perfectly embraces the antique building heritage.

Stand atop of the Marina Bay Sands, and you would get everything you would ever require – whether it is top brands shopping centers, multi-cuisine restaurants, museum, and much more. But the star attraction is the rooftop pool. This pool is equivalent to three Olympic-sized swimming pools and hence it features in the list of the longest elevated infinity pools in the world. Capture these precious moments as they will surely create a bag full of memorable memories.

If you are looking for some booze amidst the beautiful landscape, Singapore has an array of buzzing rooftop bars which attract a huge population of both locals and expats. Some of the popular ones include Loof, SuperTre by Indochine, the Lantern Bar, and Potato Head Folk give you a wonderful feeling with its rich ambiance, posh setting, and an amazing backdrop of the Singapore skyline. Enjoy a host of delicious cocktails underneath lantern-lit skies.

  1. A lush-green environment

Singapore is blessed with so much greenery, that you would feel fresh and rejuvenated each time you visit one of these lush green environments. There is a reason why Singapore is also called as the garden city. Of all the parks, the Gardens by the Bay is something which you cannot definitely miss out. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It houses more than 1 million plants with species ranging from tropical forests to temperate climates and habitats. The views are simply breath-taking and a retreat for someone who is looking for a break from the bustling city life and a wonderful therapy with its waterfront gardens and the distinct scenery. how to register a company in Singapore

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