Fertility Clinic Dubai

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Fertility Clinic Dubai is a specialized fertility center that offers a comprehensive range of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services to help patients overcome their infertility issues. This includes IVF, genetic services, male factor infertility, my egg bank, egg freezing, IUI or artificial insemination and gestational surrogacy. It also provides gynecology surgery and fertility preservation services.

In addition to offering high-quality IVF treatment in the UAE, the center is also renowned for its commitment to patient education and support. The center’s team of medical experts is available to answer questions and address concerns around the time of your procedure. In addition, the center is open from Monday to Saturday and offers flexible appointment times.

The first step of IVF is follicular puncture, which is performed under mild sedation. During this procedure, the doctor inserts a needle into each ovary to collect eggs. After the oocytes are collected, they are preserved through vitrification. Then, the fertilized oocytes are transferred into the female’s uterus.

In order to receive the best results from IVF, it is important that the woman and man have a good quality of sperm. The oocytes must be mature and healthy. To achieve this, the doctor will use fertility medications to stimulate ovulation. Once the oocytes are mature, the doctor will retrieve them. After that, the sperm is mixed with the eggs under advanced technologies and monitored by the expert. If fertilization occurs, the doctor will let the couple know. Fertility Clinic Dubai

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