Finding the Right Day Care Provider

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When you first bring your baby home you are so busy learning how to take care of your child you think of nothing else. Everything is new and exciting. As you adjust to your new routine your thoughts will start to drift to going back to work. But who will you get to watch your precious baby?

Like most new parents, you will probably know before your child is born if you are going back to work. You will want someone who cares about your baby as much as you do watching him.

When looking for a day care provider you need to decide between an in-home care giver and a day care center. There are benefits to both and your decision will depend on your personal preferences. An in-home care provider is someone who takes care of children in their own home. A day care center is one that takes care of children in a facility.

You will want to find providers who are license by the state. This is very important. State licenses require providers to be inspected for safety and in most states, have a background and criminal check before opening their doors. Any provider who does not have a license should be discarded right away. You would not trust your child’s medical care to someone without a medical license; why trust them to an unlicensed care giver?

When you have made your list of possible day care providers, start making calls to talk with them. Trust your instincts when you are talking to them. You want a provider who is willing to spend a little time talking to you about their center without making you feel like you are wasting their time.

Once you have your list narrowed down, make appointments to visit each facility. Pay close attention to how the day care area looks. Is it clean with the proper child-safety equipment? You want your child in a clean and safe environment. Cross off any day cares that do not meet this requirement.

During the interview you should ask each day care provider the following questions.

1. How long have you been a day care provider?

2. Are you licensed by the state, and what is your license number?

3. What qualifications do you have?

4. May I have at least three references from clients, with one from a past client?

5. How do you handle difficult children, or children who have done something wrong?

6. What is the child to worker ratio? On this one, you need to know in advance what your state allows.

7. Do you do background and criminal checks on your employees before hiring?

8. What is your staff turnover for the past year?

9. Are there any other adults, other than employees, who will be spending time with the children? Have they been screened and trained?

10. Can I come by to visit my child without calling ahead?

11. Do you serve snacks and meals, or do I have to supply all of my child’s food?

While talking with each care giver, pay attention to their demeanor. You want someone who is pleasant and who really cares about you and your child. Ask for a tour of the facility. Watch how the staff interacts with the children, and the facility owner. How do the children look and act? You want a facility with happy employees and children.

In the end you should hire the provider you are most comfortable with. You want someone you can talk with easily and who you feel will take the best care of your child. If you have any reservations about a care giver or center, do not sign your child up there. montreal home care

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