Floating Water Pump

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A floating water pump is used for transfer of water from one point to another point in different environment like river or lakes or ponds. Water pump are essentially submersible electric motor driven pumps with suction and delivery line. When the motor rotates it creates vacuum that sucks water via suction and pushes it away by its impeller resulting in increased velocity or velocity means more kinetic energy and ultimately highly pressurised fluid gets delivered by discharge line. This water is then stored in a tank or container. These types of pumps are generally very efficient and consume less power than a normal jet/suction pump because they operate underwater.

These pumps are usually very compact and can be easily transported to the operation site. They work very well in situations where a traditional horizontal pump might take up valuable space and are ideal for applications such as mining, power, storm flood protection, wastewater transfer and irrigation.

The float switch is installed in the liquid tank, it has a pre-set level and based on its movement up or down will open or close an electrical circuit generally used to start or stop the pumping process. The float switch can be wired in the normally open or closed position and can also be hardwired into a control panel for automation.

Intake filters are a necessary part of any rain harvesting system. Without an intake filter, the pump draws its water from whatever section of the tank is closest to the bottom or top – which will usually have higher mineral and metal content than the middle. With the help of the Floating Intake Filter, your pump will draw its water from the cleanest possible section of the tank – so you can be sure you’re getting only the freshest, clearest rainwater.

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