Gallon Per Minute Conversion

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Gallon per minute (GPM) is a measurement of the volume of liquid that passes through a container in a unit of time. This unit is important for determining how quickly water moves through pumps and showerheads, for example. GPM is a unit of volume that can be measured using a standard US liquid gallon (about 3.7985 liters) or the British imperial gallon. It is often abbreviated as GPM or gallons per hour (GPH).

GPM is a common measure used in the US and internationally. It can be converted to liters per minute (l/min) or to other units by using our calculators.

The conversion between these two measurements is simple. Simply enter the volume of the liquid into one of the fields and then choose the unit in which to measure the time. The calculator will then automatically convert the result to the other unit.

Our gallons per minute calculator works with many different units and can help you determine how long it will take for your bath to fill or how much water is flowing through a garden hose each second. It can also be helpful in comparing water usage among multiple households or businesses. Read the article about GPM meaning, unit, and formula to learn more about this useful metric. gpm to lpm

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