Get More YouTube Views – 3 Tips For Driving More Traffic To Your Videos

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Here are 3 excellent tips for increasing your views for your YouTube videos:

1. Gather Friends. Spend a few hours going through YouTube and making friend requests to people. Here’s how:


  • Search for videos like your own.
  • Friend not only the video maker, but also the friends of the video maker, as well as the subscribers.
  • Wait patiently, and within a week many of your friend requests will be accepted and you will see your video count increase.


2. Subscribe to Channels. Again, spend some time subscribing to various YouTube channels. You can do this the same time you are gathering friends.


  • Only subscribe to channels which have videos on them. There are many channels which consist of people who just watch videos and don’t create. You’ll get more attention from video making channels.
  • Subscribe to the popular channels, then leave a message on the channel. This gives you instant exposure to thousands of people who visit this channel daily.
  • Again, wait about a week and you will notice that people will actually “sub-back” to your channel, simply because you subbed to their channel. So now you will have a batch of instant subscribers.


3. Use services to increase your views. There are very helpful services which can give you an initial boost in views. Once you get this initial boost, then your videos will show up higher in the search rankings and become more popular. Then a snowball effect occurs as you will naturally generate more and more traffic in the weeks to come.


  • Only use services that provide “real views” to your channel as opposed to using “bots” which unnaturally flood your videos with hits. YouTube does not like “bots” services and could ban your account.
  • Which each new video you come out with, give it a view boost, and then leave it alone and allow it to continue to get hits on its own. All you need is that initial boost and then your video will get out there and grow by itself. youtube watch hours

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