Grainger Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

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For a range of industrial applications, a rockwell hardness tester for sale is a necessary piece of equipment. These tools are used to measure the stiffness of metals and alloys by analyzing the depth of an indentation made into their surface. Different types of indentation methods exist, and the type used varies according to the type of material being tested. Grainger stocks an array of these instruments for various purposes, from measuring the hardness of a steel ball to testing soft metals such as cast iron and aluminum.

Depending on the application, you’ll need to choose a model that supports the method and scale you wish to use. The Qualitest, HardRocker and Rocky series hardness tester models include configurations for the standard Rockwell Regular and Superficial scales. They can also perform tests that convert to other standard hardness scales such as Brinell and Vickers.

The Brinell test is ideal for measuring the hardness of large samples of hard metals. It uses a steel ball indenter that creates an impression in the surface of the sample, and it can be read using a microscope or other testing device. This type of hardness testing is time-consuming, and it requires a well-prepared sample.

If you need to test a wide variety of materials and metals, look no further than the Leebs digital portable hardness tester. This state-of-the-art unit combines a high test force with an ultra-precise digital display to provide accurate results. It can measure the standard Rockwell scales as well as HB, HV, HK and more, with test data logged to the internal memory for easy access.

This machine offers the best of both worlds, with a user-friendly design and powerful features. It has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to operate, while its high-resolution digital display shows you the measurement in real time. It can even display multiple test values at once for comparison and analysis, and it’s fully configurable to meet your specific needs.

The 900-332 rockwell hardness tester is designed to meet ASTM E-18 standards for standard Rockwell testing and is an industry leader when it comes to accuracy and repeatability. It can measure a wide range of material samples and provides accurate hardness results in all standard Rockwell scales, including HB, HV, HK and HLD. Its advanced loading system delivers stable, consistent and reproducible test loads for the most accurate results possible. This is the perfect choice for manufacturers looking for a robust and reliable hardness tester that can easily be integrated into production lines.

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