Health and Exercise: You Don’t Need a Gym to Be Healthy

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Do you need a gym and regular exercise routine to experience health and vitality? Are exercise videos and expensive equipment necessary to get a good workout?

Exercise – people think it is important to exercise regularly yet few people actually commit to and follow an exercise routine.

Does that make them unhealthy?

You do not need to follow any routine so long as you get up and move.

Do you know that people who live in a house with stairs are generally healthier, especially when it comes to cardio, than those who live all on one floor?

Walking up and down steps builds the lungs and lower body.


How about gardening?

Last summer I picked bush beans for hours. Do you think I got lots of up and down and squatting work I would not have done in many exercise routines? You bet. Then I cleared out the garden for winter. Yikes. Major upper body and back and leg workout!

Cleaning the house, washing the car – all kinds of everyday activities get you going in a healthy non-boring manner.

Great! So you do not really need a gym membership to get health, do you?

Ever notice the difference between a sprinter and someone who runs marathons? Which body would you choose as the healthy one?

Bodies were not really designed to run at an even pace for hours.

Think about early man. Did he go jogging?

Of course not! He jogged at times. He walked stealthily through the woods. When the prey caught his scent either he ran after them OR he ran from them full out!

Nature made people to vary their intensity when moving.  Short bursts of running sprinkled in with longer jaunts lead to healthier and more attractive bodies. Styrketräning

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