Health and Safety Awareness Course

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The health and safety awareness course helps raise an employee’s understanding of the basic rules, regulations and procedures relating to health and safety in a work environment. It also identifies an employee’s personal responsibilities and duties, as well as their rights and what to do if they think someone’s health and safety is at risk.

Every job has its own unique safety risks that might not be immediately apparent. Taking this training can help workers identify these hazards, so they can take steps to keep themselves safe – from trailing power cords to manual handling. It can also improve the workplace’s culture of safety, driving down absenteeism and reducing healthcare costs for employees, which can save money in the long run.

In addition, this training can help an employee understand that they are not at fault if they are injured at work. It also explains that they have the right to refuse unsafe work. This can lead to more productive workplaces, where everyone is happy and comfortable in their role.

This course can be taken online or in person. It takes around 45 minutes to complete and doesn’t need to be completed all at once. This allows it to fit into most class periods, working from home or in the office. Once the course has been completed, a certificate can be downloaded and will show up in REPORTER. This database will retain historical records until such time as all courses are connected to REPORTER. health and safety awareness course

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