How to Cast an Obsession Spell

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An obsession spell is a powerful magic ritual that will hypnotize your target into loving you to the point of madness. They will think of you all day and night, and their desire for you will be overwhelming. This is the type of love spell that you can use to get revenge or to achieve any other goal you may have in mind.

An obsessive love spell is a form of black magic that was used in ancient Egypt to drive men crazy. It was also used by priestesses of the goddess Isis to ensure that their revenge on men was fulfilled. Unlike other love spells, the obsession spell is not for playing around, but rather a serious ritual that requires full concentration and commitment.

In order to cast a love spell to make someone obsessed, you must find out if they already have feelings for you. You should also be sure that this is what you want, because it can deny them their right to free will. Many people have approached Spellcaster Maxim to cancel the effects of voodoo obsession spells that have gone wrong.

To begin with, take a picture of yourself and the person you wish to be obsessed with you. Then, put the pictures together in a box and cover them with red candle wax. After putting the pictures together, say the spell’s magic formula ten times. When the candle burns, take what is left of the wax and the egg and bury them in a remote place.

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