How to Create the Best Dental Blog for Your Practice

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Maintaining a blog for your dental practice is an effective way to boost traffic, publicize your business, and establish connections with prospective patients. However, choosing the right topics and content is key.

Fortunately, several best dental blog exist to provide helpful tips and strategies. These blogs include a mix of credible information, DIY hacks, and professional advice.

Go Ask Fred

As the name implies, Go Ask Fred is a site where dental professionals can ask questions and get answers to common dental-related inquiries. The blog features articles from dental professionals and patients alike, and is one of the most popular online resources for dentists.

Dentaltown is another resource that hosts independent blog writers on a wide variety of topics related to dentistry. Its blogs are categorized by dozens of different areas, and cover everything from personal work stories to high-producing marketing techniques.

The Curious Dentist is a great resource for dental students and newer dentists, as it provides tips and advice on everything from exam preparation to office management. The blog also includes interviews with leading dental professionals and industry experts, making it a must-read for anyone looking to expand their professional knowledge.

Dental Buzz is another great dental blog that keeps its readers up-to-date on the latest trends in dentistry. Its blogs are easy to read and cover a broad spectrum of topics, from dentistry techniques and materials to practice management. It is a great read for dental professionals on the go.

The Curious Dentist

For many dental practices, a good dentist blog has nothing to do with securing the next seven-figure blogger or household name. Instead, it’s about delivering consistent and reliable lead-generating content. It is also about establishing trust and preeminence with prospective patients before they even step foot in the office. This is why it’s important for dental professionals to figure out what they want their blogging to accomplish before they start.

For example, some dental practices may find success in leveraging newsjacking to generate engagement with popular trending topics. This is a simple strategy that can be incorporated into a dentist’s existing content schedule, but it requires a keen understanding of SEO keywords and bringing content into alignment with the right search terms.

Other dentists may find that a more hands-on approach to writing content helps them engage with their target audience and produce more results. This can be accomplished by incorporating an editorial calendar into each week, which will help dentists set aside time to create content. The key to any effective editorial plan, however, is consistency.

Ignite DDS Blog

There are a lot of ways to come up with ideas for dental blogs, but it’s important that the content is consistent and looks good. The website of South Texas Dental, for instance, has a bold layout that draws attention. Its content provides a technical perspective on dentistry and promotes oral hygiene.

Another interesting read is the Ignite DDS Blog, which is a popular resource for new dentists and students. This blog connects aspiring professionals with their mentors and helps them learn the things that dental school doesn’t teach. It also covers topics such as student loans, finances, and life hacks.

In addition to being a great source of information, dental blogs can help you improve your practice management and marketing by providing tips and resources. For example, NexHealth’s dentistry blog has a variety of articles on topics such as streamlining your marketing strategies with the right software and finding a community of fellow dentists. Watch a free demo of our software to learn more.

Tooth Wisdom

While this dental blog is geared toward patients, it’s still an excellent resource for those interested in staying on top of their oral health. The site features helpful tips for preventing tooth decay, as well as information about a variety of other topics like bad breath and how to cope with sensitivity and dry mouth.

Another great resource for patient-centric dental blogs is the Dentistry & You blog, which covers a wide array of topics. The posts on this site cover everything from bad breath to cosmetic treatments and even celebrity smiles. The blog also provides useful advice for maximizing your dental insurance benefits.

This blog from the Campaign for Dental Health is a great place to find out more about how fluoride can help your teeth. It also offers a unique take on public policy, with recent posts discussing how changes to health care could impact dental treatment for children. In addition, the site provides a comprehensive list of dentists who support water fluoridation. The Eco Dentistry Association is all about promoting green dental practices, and their dental blog is full of informative articles on topics like choosing eco-friendly toothpaste and how to spot “hidden plastics.” The site is also home to fun, reader-centric dental blog posts, including an article on how to make a DIY Star Wars toothbrush holder.


The Dentaltown website has a wide variety of content covering dozens of different topics. From personal work stories to high-producing marketing techniques, you’ll find something to read here for almost any dental professional. Dentaltown is an interactive healthcare community that connects dentists, dental service providers, and manufacturers. It also offers a wide range of dental forums, clinical cases, continuing education courses, magazine articles, podcasts, and webinars.

The New Dentist Blog is an excellent resource for recent grads that connects dental students with experienced dentists and industry experts. It covers a variety of topics, including life as a student, career advice, and general dental tips. It also features an extensive list of recommended products, which can help you connect with your patients.

Another great blog to follow is the PatientPop Dental Marketing Blog, which provides a variety of helpful dental business tips and tricks. The blog is regularly updated and contains useful information about the latest trends in marketing, which will help you boost your dental practice’s online presence. The site is easy to navigate and will keep you informed about the latest developments in the field of dental business.

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