How to Find Acres of Diamonds in Your Own Backyard

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Want to know how to find acres of diamonds in your own backyard? You may have heard of the Acres of Diamonds book before? In it, a rich man set out to search the world to find diamonds to become even richer. During the process, he spent so much time looking that he lost his home and lands. When the new owners took possession of the land, they found acres and acres of diamonds right there on the same property the man had left behind to go out into the world and search for what was already his and in his own backyard.

You may be doing the very same thing right now today. In your own backyard, even as you read this, there are hundreds or thousands of businesses that are your own personal diamonds, just waiting to be harvested. How? By offering to show them how to get found online. This is something that they need and that they are already trying to figure out how to do. All you have to do to profit from it is to show them the way. You see, local businesses are focusing more and more on making money from LOCAL customers. At one time the Internet was primarily for businesses selling to a “global” audience, but that’s not really how it works any more. Apple just bought a huge mobile ad network and is hard at work developing “location based” ads for its iPhone platform. Google just bought one of the largest mobile ad networks too, and it’s developing apps for its Android mobile operating system.

You’re going to see it happening with Twitter and Facebook, and many other companies as well as they try to target people looking for products and services offered by a local business and find new opportunities to make money from the “Local Marketing” revolution that’s only now just starting to begin. BILLIONS of dollars are generated by local businesses and they need new customers to make it in this economy! Here’s one interesting opportunity that’s already moving to take advantage of it. Mike Koenigs of Traffic Geyser is offering a paint-by-numbers, done for you system for Internet Marketers to help local businesses get found online and get paid for it. Mike’s system is called Main Street Money Machines and he has some killer free videos he’s giving away as part of the launch. There’s a link to them in my resource box if you’d like to check them out. diamond painting zubehör

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