How to Get Started in Custom Apparel Embroidery

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If you are looking for an excellent way to showcase your business or team logo, consider custom apparel embroidery. It’s the highest quality decoration available and adds a professional touch to any garment. It also lasts longer than screen-printed or heat transfer garments and doesn’t fade or crack over time. However, embroidery does have a higher perceived and real value than other garment decoration methods, so it typically comes at a premium price.

Embroidery can be done on almost any fabric, including knits such as polos, lacoste, and Penguin. In addition, it can be done on outerwear and denim. Embroidery can be done in a variety of locations on the garment, but it is typically placed on the upper-left chest area, as this is easily visible by customers. It is possible to place embroidery on the back of a garment, but this is not as common and often requires additional stitching or workarounds.

When it comes to the type of thread used for embroidery, there are many options. Polyester is a good choice for embroidery on garments that will be worn frequently, such as athletic wear or uniforms. It is also easy to dye, so it can be used in a wide range of colors. Another option for embroidery is rayon, which is great for upscale designs and can be dyed to match any color.

It is important to note that embroidery does not reproduce gradients or textures well. Small details and texture will not digitize well, so it’s best to avoid those elements when designing your logo for embroidery. Also, embroidery does not typically do well on garments with buttons or zippers.

The embroidery industry is a very competitive market. In order to make a profit, you need to sell enough products and services to cover your overhead. To do this, you need to attract a large client base and generate high volumes of orders. One way to do this is by marketing your services, which can include going to local schools or businesses and giving out samples of your work. This helps build brand loyalty and leads to repeat business.

One of the best ways to promote your embroidery business is through social media. This can help you stay up to date on the latest trends in embroidery, as well as connect with potential clients. You can also find out about local events, such as craft fairs and festivals, where you can showcase your work. Finally, it’s a good idea to have a website where you can display your work and list your contact information. This will allow you to stay in contact with potential clients, as well as keep track of past orders. You should also make sure to update your portfolio regularly with your latest designs. In addition, you should create a blog where you can share your insights about the embroidery industry. custom apparel embroidery

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