How To Make a Lead in Minecraft – A Guide of 2022

You journey far beyond your typical stomping grounds in search of a swamp and slime. You dismount from your horse and slither into the marshes. Eventually, you emerge with slime balls in hand, but your horse is nowhere to be found. We show you how to make a lead in Minecraft so your favorite mount doesn’t leave you stranded. Technically, leads (or leashes) aren’t specific to horses. You can use a lead with any passive “mob” or mobile creature, so you can keep sheep, cats, dogs, and more in check using a lead. If you want to become a Minecraft mogul, you’ll need to throw in a fencepost.

But you don’t have to build a farm to make a lead. A lead can be made out of almost anything you can use as a block. The Basics Let’s say you’re playing Minecraft on your computer. To make a lead for your horse, you first need a leash. The easiest way to get a leash is to go to a crafting table and use a bucket of slime. When you use the slime, it will spit out slimeballs. These slimeballs can be used as a base to craft your own leash. Here’s how: Crafting a Leash First, you’ll need to place three slimeballs on your crafting table.

Learn how to build a fence (and related posts) in our guide. Here are some other articles related to horses:

Here’s What You Need

These are the following material that you need to take the lead in Minecraft.

  1. String

To make two leads, you will need four strings. You can find them in chests, drop them from fallen spiders, and make them using a cobweb in the Crafting Table.

  1. Slimeball

These are used to make leads. Slimes drop them when they fall so that you can find them in darker Swampland biomes bouncing around. The purpose of the slime farm was merely to watch the slime grow and dance across the water like bouncy pool floats.

  1. A Horse (Or Some Other Passive Mob)

Plains and savanna biomes are characterized by large herds of horses eating grass. Therefore, it is not necessary to tame a horse before using a lead. We chose to leash a horse in this guide, but you could use any passive mob.

Create A Compelling Lead

The ingredients must be inserted precisely, as shown in the crafting grid. An arrow points to the top left corner of your screen when the pattern is applied.

  • Click on your Crafting Table.
  • Add one string each to the upper and middle square in the left column.
  • The top square in the middle column should be filled with a string.
  • One slimeball should be placed in the middle square in the middle column.
  • Two strings should be placed at the bottom of the right column.
  • Drop these two leads into your inventory.
  • If you need more leads, repeat these steps.

Lead The Way

quickly and easily by tethering your mob.

  • Select the lead from your inventory in the Hotbar by dragging it down from your inventory.

To leash your mob, complete the following steps:

PC – Right-click on the mob.

Console – Select the mob by pushing the left trigger.

Mobile – Click on the mob.

Attach A Lead to A Fence

Perform the following with the lead connected to the mob and the other end in your hand (selected):

  • PC – Press the Right Mouse Button.
  • Console – Hit the left trigger button to target the fence.
  • Mobile – Tapping the fence will target it.

The other option is to plant a fencepost and tether your mount if you are far from a bed and you don’t want your horse to wander around your current location.

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