How to Prepare a Psilocybin Spore Syringe

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A Psilocybin spore syringe is a small, sterile syringe that has been filled with a solution of a mix of psilocybin mushroom spores and sterile water. This spore syringe can then be used to initiate mushroom growth by injecting it directly into the growth medium. This is a common practice amongst professional and hobbyist mushroom growers who are interested in producing high-quality mushrooms for personal use or for commercial purposes.

To prepare the spore syringe, sterilize the needle and the injection port of the syringe with an alcohol wipe or sanitizer. Ensure that you are working in a clean and sterile environment, such as in a still air box or laminar flow hood. Next, take the syringe out of its sterile package and shake it vigorously to loosen any remaining spores. Then, insert the luer lock onto the end of the needle and remove any caps from the syringe, leaving only the needle exposed.

Once the syringe has been prepared, add one drop of the spore solution to a microscope slide. Using the syringe to apply the drop will prevent any contamination of the microscope slide and also provide an accurate sample size.

Once the spore print has been prepared, it can be injected into a jar of sterile substrate. The spores will then germinate, or become “activated”, allowing them to start colonizing the substrate and begin fruiting. After a few days, you should notice patches of mycelium forming in the jars. Eventually the mycelium will colonize the entire jar, and can then be transferred into a monotub for cultivation.

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