Icebreaker Questions for Team Lunches and Workshops

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Modern business life – especially in remote teams – is often filled with meetings, team lunches and workshops. These events are great for bringing people together but can be difficult if the group is new and nobody knows each other. That’s when icebreaker questions come in handy to get the conversation going, avoid awkward silences and quickly build up psychological safety.

Some icebreaker questions are lighthearted and fun while others can be more personal. For example, the question “Have you ever traveled outside of your home country?” or “What’s your favorite coffee shop” are easy topics for people to discuss and can help them get to know their colleagues better.

Other icebreaker questions are work related and are useful in helping people understand the context of the company they’re working for. Questions such as “If you could swap jobs with any colleague in the company, who would it be?” can get the conversation started about how to improve processes and develop stronger connections.

One way to make a simple but fun icebreaker is to have participants play rock paper scissors against each other to see who wins. When the game is over, players can cheer on their competitors and this will create a positive atmosphere for the rest of the event.

Another fun icebreaker is to have the participants sit in a circle and each one of them presents a key on their keychain and tells about it. The key might represent a place, an activity, a hobby or a person – this helps people connect with each other and the information shared is interesting for everyone in the group. ice breaker questions for dating

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