Importance of Ithmid Kohl

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Sterilized 100% pure natural ithmid kohl, comes with applicator.
Traditionally used by the Muslims for beauty and eye care, kohl is an ancient cosmetic & medicine that was praised by the Prophet Sly wslm as well as commanded to be worn. Ithmid kohl differs from other types of kohl because it not only brings beauty benefits but also promotes health and treats a wide range of eye related ailments. Scientific studies have shown that ithmid kohl is very beneficial to the eye and is proven to improve vision by increasing ocular blood flow and acting as a vasodilator. It also lowers intraocular pressure and acts as a mild antibacterial with antimicrobial properties.

Other than its many beauty and medicinal benefits, ithmid kohl is an effective eyelash growth enhancer. It can be easily applied around the eyelashes and is known to make them grow naturally longer and thicker. In addition, it protects the eyes from the intense desert heat and cold as well as irritation caused by sand dust. It also protects the skin around the eye from infections, reduces redness and soothes the eyes. Even today, desert nomads apply kohl to their eyes as it protects them from the harsh environment they live in.

It is recommended to apply ithmid kohl in the morning and before sleeping. There are different opinions among scholars as to how many times ithmid kohl should be applied in each eye, but the majority of scholars agree that applying it three times is the Sunnah. ithmid kohl

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