IVF Kyrenia – What You Need to Know

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IVF kyrenia is one of the most popular countries for fertility treatment. Its renowned doctors are able to achieve high success rates for both local and international patients, mainly due to their expertise and experience. However, there are many things you should consider before starting your journey in Cyprus. It is important to address your expectations, as well as the expectations of your partner and any children you may already have. This way, the process of ivf kyrenia can be as enjoyable and successful as possible.

The first step in the ivf kyrenia process is to undergo a series of blood tests, ultrasounds and other tests to ensure you are a good candidate for IVF treatment. Once your doctor has established this, they will begin a medication programme which suppresses your natural cycle and prepares the ovaries for egg production. This will take between seven and ten days.

Once the eggs are collected, they will be fertilised in a laboratory using sperm from your partner or a donor. This process is known as in vitro fertilization (IVF). The embryos are then monitored under a microscope for fertilisation to occur. If the fertilisation is successful, the embryos will be transferred into the woman’s uterus.

If you choose to use a donor, they will need to be screened for genetic disorders. They will also need to be at least 34 years old and undergo psychological screening. Donors are also not permitted to have more than three genetic offspring. ivf kyrenia

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