Laici Gou Introduces CryptoDogs

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Cryptodogs are the latest digital pets to enter the blockchain game arena. Chinese search giant Baidu has released a knockoff of popular CryptoKitties, but this time the doggies are all about the blockchain. The new platform called Laici Gou lets users purchase, breed and sell digital dogs whose unique characteristics are recorded on the blockchain. There are already more than 20 pages of uniquely generated doggies on the marketplace, and their prices range from several cents to thousands of dollars. Game items are priced in the platform’s ACT cryptocurrency.

All CryptoDogs offered by the platform are programmatically generated, meaning that each one is different from any other. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the BSC blockchain and hosted on IPFS that users can view in their wallets or in any marketplace supporting the NFT protocol. Each dog has a unique frame, item, background and color that defines its appearance. The more rare the dog, the higher its value.

Rarity levels are determined by the combination of a dog’s attributes and its genetics. For example, if you breed two rare dogs together, you may get an ultra-rare dog with a very stylish coat or even a magical horn. Glitter, a special touch on the main color that gives a unique look to each dog, is also a rare attribute that can increase a monster’s value.

The creation of this game is not surprising as there’s a huge demand for these virtual pets. It is expected to boom around Christmas time as the number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is on the rise, and more businesses are seeing the perks of accepting cryptocurrency.

Another interesting fact about this project is that unlike CryptoKitties that used the Ethereum network, CryptoDogs are built on Achain, a similar blockchain to Ethereum that allows for smart contracts and other applications. Achain, however, can process a lot more transactions per second than Ethereum. This means that even if millions of people buy cryptodogs, the system will not be affected by any network congestion or slowdown that may occur on the Ethereum blockchain.

This is a great development for the blockchain gaming industry and it will be very interesting to see how this game evolves over time. The potential of the platform is huge and its ability to grow and develop without any interference from other projects on the same blockchain will be a major factor in its success. This fork theory will be a good test for Achain’s scalability, and it should pave the way for other games to be created on the platform. If all goes well with CryptoDogs, Achain will be able to support an incredible amount of applications that use its unique blockchain. This fork will definitely be something to keep an eye on in the coming months. cryptodogs

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