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Lawyer Hattingen is a law firm that services clients in the areas of business development, real estate and employment law. They have a ‘best in class’ network of German market leader boutique firms to offer top tier legal solutions made in Germany. Partner led advice in efficient and powerful teams is tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Ute Schniering is a family law attorney in Essen, Germany. She works out quick and secure solutions for problems in divorce, custody, and maintenance law. She serves customers in the surrounding areas of Herne, Castrop-Rauxel, Essen, and Gelsenkirchen. She is a member of the Bar Association of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Lawyer Hattingen is an international law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to local, regional and global clients. Its lawyers are highly regarded for their excellent judgment and strong business acumen. They advise on all aspects of national and international business law, including M&A and private equity transactions, tax planning, intellectual property protection and labour law. They also handle disputes and corporate restructuring projects.

The first settlements in the Hattingen area are recorded in official documents during the Neolithic period. The name Hattingen stems from the Germanic tribe called Hattuarians who lived in the region. The Saxons are pushed out of the region by the Franconians under rule of Charlemagne. The old Hattuarian stronghold develops into an imperial Franconian court with 20 aulic farmyards to protect the imperial borders.

During the Reformation Hattingen develops into a fortified city with stone walls, defensive towers and five city gates. It gains the privilege to hold weekly markets and fairs. It becomes a member of the Hanseatic league.

Adalbert Trilhaase comes from a religious Erfurt merchant family of medium means and completed his commercial apprenticeship. From 1888 he ran his own linen factory in Bielefeld. He also specialized in divorce cases and worked as a notary.

In his role as an advocate Trilhaase defended the rights of workers in labor dispute cases. He became a member of the labor union in 1903 and was the chairman of the municipal trade union for several years. In the year 1918 he founded his own labor law firm in Hattingen.

During the Industrial era Hattingen becomes one of the leading steel and metal work centres in Germany. The “Henrichshutte” is established.

The inauguration of the Reshop-Carre, a 11,500 qm big shopping mall with 30 shops for clothing, hardware and electronics. A city festival takes place at this new attraction. The city gate of the Weiltort is interpreted by internationally known artists to give the historic buildings a new look. In addition, the new firestation at the Wildhagen and a new bus station are finished. Anwalt Hattingen

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