Local Central Heating Services

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Local Central Heating Services
A central heating system heats a building from a single source and is a component of the wider air conditioning (short: HVAC) systems that also cool buildings. It usually involves a furnace that converts fossil fuel or electricity to heat which is distributed either through fans forcing heated air through ductwork, a circulating system of water heating radiators in each room, or through low-pressure steam being fed through pipes. The heat generation and distribution system must be flexible in response to the ever-changing heating demand of a building.

The main sources of energy for a central heating system include liquid fuels like oil and kerosene, solid biomass fuels like wood or coal, and gas-fired power stations using natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar or hydroelectric power. However, a significant proportion of the generated heat is lost in combustion and distribution systems (up to 60% for oil), or via transmission losses and electricity use itself.

This is why it’s vital to choose a fully qualified, experienced and reliable heating engineer for your installation. Fortunately, Trust A Trader provides you with access to a wide choice of local Gas Safe Registered heating engineers who are fully capable of installing a new boiler or carrying out repairs and maintenance on existing systems. local central heating services

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