Managing File Transfer Between CMS Data Centers

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Whether it’s sharing a batch transaction file with an outsourced payroll provider or sending a digital video for a marketing campaign, moving data is at the heart of business operations. As data volumes rise, it’s more critical than ever to have a high-performance solution that securely moves files of any size, including massive and complex datasets.

This chapter governs file transfer between CMS data centers and between CMS data centers and external partners. It does not apply to transfers that occur within the boundaries of a single CMS data center.

A computer file is a logical data object that can be transmitted, shared or stored among different computers in a network or over the Internet. File transfer is typically mediated by a communications protocol such as file transfer protocol (FTP), transmission control protocol and hypertext transfer protocol.

There are a number of ways to move files between two PCs, from cloud storage to external hard drives and even using copy-and-paste techniques. Some software is designed to make this process easier and faster than others, while hardware like SATA cables allow for direct connection between two PCs, bypassing a third party.

If you’re not interested in investing in a dedicated solution, there are a number of web-based services that can handle larger file uploads. For example, the plusTransfer site allows users to upload files up to 5GB without needing a subscription. Alternatively, there are also many offline utilities available that can help you move large files between PCs. Send Huge Files

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