Mid Face Lift Surgery

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A mid face lift is a surgery that can dramatically reduce the signs of aging in this region, helping you to look younger and refreshed. It is a good option for men and women who are suffering from excess skin in this area and want to restore a more youthful appearance.

A mid-face lift can be performed through small incisions hidden within your hairline, ear and neckline that are similar to those used in an endoscopic brow lift, giving you the best of both worlds (see the diagram below). This technique is also known as a ‘scar-less’ facelift and allows Dr. Verma to elevate the cheek fat pads and reposition the soft tissues of the face in a more youthful position, restoring the natural balance between your upper and lower facial areas.

The procedure can also be combined with a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) or a rhinoplasty to create the ideal result for you. The results of a mid-face lift can last from five to 15 years, though it is important to remember that the structure of your face will gradually decline after this time.

The best candidates for a mid-face lift are people with an unwrinkled complexion, whose facial muscles are still firm and have not yet started to droop. It is not suitable for smokers or those with poor circulation or chronic illnesses. It is always advisable to bring close-up clear photographs from when you were younger to your consultation with Dr Verma, so that he can understand your natural facial proportions and contours. Mid-Face Lift Near Me

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