MK Bags in UK

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MK bags in uk

If you’re a fan of American fashion house Michael Kors, you’ll be familiar with their stylish line of handbags and accessories. This includes their bestselling Selma and Sophie bags, as well as a host of wallets, purses and cardholders, all of which are made from high-end fabrics and materials that will stand up to the test of time.

One of the best things about MK’s designs is that they are surprisingly affordable for such a high-end brand. This has allowed MK to remain true to their founding principles of being a democratic and inclusive luxury brand.

Most importantly, the MK logo is still emblazoned upon every product and is the same in every store worldwide! The company also uses a state of the art manufacturing facility in France to ensure the best possible quality control.

MK has a long list of awards for their designs including the prestigious Good Design Award, which recognises superior craftsmanship and a commitment to social responsibility. This year, the company has introduced a new initiative, the MK Golden Rule, to promote and support responsible consumerism.

The newest member of the MK family is the MK xpo, an innovative line of shoes made of recycled plastic and rubber that are designed to be durable and lightweight at the same time. It’s a definite contender in the footwear category for its snazzy and stylish designs, and it’s easy to see why people love it so much! MK bags in uk

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