Moissanite Engagement Rings: Gems From the Stars

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We’ve all seen those diamond ads, full of great music, cute scenes, and words that insist that diamonds are the only acceptable jewelry for engagement rings. But are they the only option? Buying an engagement ring is a personal, intimate and unique experience. Your feelings and goals should be taken into account, and there is no right or wrong in what you value. Couples looking for the beauty and elegance of a diamond at an affordable price should consider moissanite.

Moissanite is not the same as cubic zirconium. Moissanite is a mineral: silicon carbide. In 1893, a man named Henri Moissan discovered the mineral, in a meteor fragment, and gave it his name. Moissanite is rare – almost non-existent – on the planet Earth, which is why scientists make it in the laboratory. It was not until recently, in the mid-1990s, that some people realized that this would make a big rock. In fact, moissanite reflects light better than diamonds. This means that it receives light and reflects it back better than diamonds, which makes moissanite stones look even brighter than diamonds. Plus, it lasts as long as diamond and costs less.

Is it too good to be true? Possible fading: moissanite stones can take on a slight gray or green color in sunlight. So be sure to see how it looks in different light conditions. Also, it is more expensive than cubic zirconium.

Let’s see why diamond rings are so popular in the traditional way of engagement. Diamonds have always been valued for their brilliance and durability, and fittingly represent the promise of continued love. Diamonds are also valued for being completely colorless, so they can be broken by fire. If you want a diamond at a lower price, buying moissanite can allow you to spend more money on the setting, get a fancier or beautiful ring, or a large gem, for the same money. There are beautiful foundations available, on the official website of, or other sites such as Etsy. If you don’t mind a little color in your jewelry, then by all means, consider moissanite as something close to diamond.

Read moissanite engagement ring reviews from sources other than the company selling the stone, which will publish stellar testimonials to entice you. Read the rave reviews, but also look elsewhere and ask around. Some owners worry about the cut of their stone because moissanite is softer than diamond. However, they are stronger than rubies and emeralds. Some customers point to the low resale value of moissanite. Others love moissanite rings for their affordable sparkle. Some people are suspicious of the diamond industry from a legitimate point of view, and therefore rejoice in buying an incredibly beautiful stone. Some have specifically stated that moissanite sellers may allow you to try on the stone, with a refund policy if you want to return it.

Many satisfied customers appreciate the fact that they have beautiful rings that cost only a few hundred dollars, instead of thousands. Some may resent the idea of ​​”fake diamonds,” but according to one woman; he never calls it a “fake” ring; instead, he tells people it’s a meteorite rock, which sounds interesting! Sometimes, we use words to change deeply-rooted attitudes.
So explore the romantic possibilities of Moissanite engagement rings

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