Real-Time Utility Monitoring

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When it comes to utility monitoring, there are many options available – from simple building meter readings to sophisticated data analytics systems. Some offer a single, customizable dashboard for viewing a variety of data points. Others deliver an array of insights into energy consumption, identifying trends or anomalies at a glance. But one option that is gaining popularity is real-time utility monitoring.

What is real-time monitoring?
Real-time monitoring is a data-driven solution that empowers energy providers, consumers and organizations to take action. It can detect problems with power distribution, identify inefficient energy consumption, optimize utility management and more. This is revolutionizing the energy industry, boosting efficiency and creating a more sustainable future.

A real-time utility monitoring system provides up-to-the-minute online status of power systems and equipment down to the device level. It can detect failures and issues with switches, reclosers and arrestors, as well as power-hungry appliances and devices. These intelligent solutions also feature predictive analytics, allowing you to predict when and how failures will occur.

Real-time utility monitoring is a key component of any energy conservation or sustainability initiative. Having a high-resolution view of building energy use enables you to quickly see how even the smallest changes can make a big difference in saving energy and reducing costs. It also allows you to track the performance of your current initiatives, and shows you how much you can save with further improvements. This can be particularly important when making the case for large-scale energy savings projects that require financial investment. real-time utility monitoring

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