San Diego Blonde Salon

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The Blonde Salon is a one-on-one studio experience focused solely on your hair shaping and coloring. Free from any distractions, you can focus on the experience and your goals for your new look.

The salon is located in the heart of Pacific Beach and offers a private, comfortable setting that you will enjoy. Sherri has been in the industry for over 2 decades and uses her talents to create classic, timeless styles. She has worked with many of your favorite celebrities over the years and now offers her unique hairstyling techniques in San Diego.

In the same spot as the former Bar Dynamite you will now find Blonde bar! This is a great place for everyone to come and hangout. The whole place is inspired by music. They play quality music all day and have records hung on the walls like a library. All of their drinks are named after songs and the bartenders are all musicians and musical connoisseurs.

This blonde ale is brewed with a combination of two-row, wheat and pilsner malt balanced with German Hallertau and Czech Saaz hops. It is light and crisp with a sessionable 4.5% ABV. The collaboration with Salty Crew has grown quickly and is Coronado Brewing’s fastest growing brand, outselling other flagship brands such as Weekend Vibes IPA and Orange Ave Wit in on-premise sales.

Despite a weak plot and unmelodic score, ‘Legally Blonde the Musical’ ices over many of its flaws with its high-energy production at New Village Arts. Directed by Kristianne Kurner and featuring a radiant performance from Danielle Levas as Elle Woods, the seemingly dumb blonde who makes it to Harvard law school, this is an entertaining production of a sexy, satirical take on female empowerment. San Diego Blonde

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