Skill Sets For Designer Kitchens

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The most important skill for kitchen designers is being able to listen carefully to a client’s vision and then offer helpful alternatives. Often, a talented designer will take the client’s ideas and mold them into something that they could never have imagined on their own.

Another key skill for a designer is knowing how to read the space and understand what works and what doesn’t. Many designers have a background in architecture, interior design or construction and are trained to evaluate a space and figure out how it will work best. They also have a deep understanding of materials, products and the best practices in the field.

Finally, a good kitchen designer has superb math skills. They know how to measure to the smallest detail and can calculate how much space is needed for cabinets, appliances, hoods and light fixtures. They can determine if an electrical outlet will be located under the soffit or beside the window and they can even tell you how many boxes of sliced deli meat will fit in your new fridge!

If you want to hire a good kitchen designer be sure to interview several and check their credentials. Look for NKBA certification (Certified Kitchen Designers) and ask to see portfolios of previous projects. If you’re not happy with the results of a particular kitchen designer try someone else, but beware of retailers who may have in-house designers who don’t have special training or knowledge of mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. designer kitchens

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