Sports Grip Socks

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Grip socks were developed by a Scottish physio named Colin Goodwin and were originally made for rugby players to provide better grip in their shoes and reduce the internal movement that can lead to blisters. They do this by incorporating grip pads that generate traction to prevent slippage inside the shoe and also have a padded surface that softens the impact from foot to floor reducing friction. This helps to maintain a stable position in the shoe, improve balance and confidence and ultimately reduce knee and hip injuries.

They’re typically made from premium quality, breathable materials that are comfortable to wear and help to keep feet cool and dry during intense sporting activity. This also makes them more hygienic than normal socks as less friction between the foot, sock and boot means there’s a reduced chance of bacterial build-up that can lead to infection.

Many manufacturers produce grip socks, including big global players like Falke and Trusox who are worn by elite footballers, and a number of independent start-ups. Gareth Bale helped to bring the benefits of grip socks to a wider audience when wearing Trusox for Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid.

Grip socks tend to be pricier than standard sports socks but they’re generally considered to be worth the extra money for the superior performance and comfort they offer. They’re also easier to care for as most manufacturers recommend washing them inside out with warm water on a gentle cycle. sports grip socks

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