The Benefits of Practicing Yoga Online

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Online yoga offers a world of possibilities for yogis of all shapes and sizes. From a quick workout to an hour of deep stretching and meditation, there’s so much on offer that it’s hard to choose.

The flexibility of online classes means that students can practice whenever they want, and where they want – whether it’s from the comfort of their own living room, on a rooftop terrace in an Airbnb or in a studio in the middle of the city. And while there’s a lot to be said for the community energy and sense of belonging that comes with attending a class in person, practicing yoga online can be just as nourishing and rewarding.

Many online yoga platforms offer an extensive library of on-demand videos that can be streamed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Gaia, for example, has more than 8,000 videos, with classes available in various levels and styles ranging from under 10 minutes to an hour or longer. They also have a great selection of beginner and kids classes as well as therapeutic and restorative options.

Some online yoga websites even offer a live stream option, with instructors giving guidance as students move through the poses. This kind of class can be a powerful way to encourage students and get feedback, and it’s an especially good option for beginners who need a bit of help to get started.

Practicing yoga online is also very accessible for people with mobility issues. If you struggle to step into a standing pose, you can use a chair to support your back. You can also take advantage of the pause button, a feature that’s not always present in studio classes. This allows you to work on a difficult pose for a little longer or focus on getting deeper into a twist.

Another benefit of online yoga is the ease with which it can be practiced on a trip abroad or in remote locations. Taking a class while on vacation can be a wonderful way to maintain your regular routine and to keep your body moving when the daily grind becomes a little too stressful or hectic.

There’s a huge range of online yoga options out there, with some subscription services offering unlimited access for the price of a monthly fee. Others are more limited, but they can still provide a great value for money and a fantastic source of inspiration to keep you coming back for more. Some online subscriptions even include free download access so you can carry your favourite classes with you and practice whenever you feel like it. This is perfect for people with busy schedules and who find it challenging to commit to a class in a studio. It also gives you the opportunity to continue your practice if you’re working from home or if you’re traveling for business or pleasure. This kind of flexibility is a real perk for anyone who practices yoga.

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