The Best Employee Communication Apps

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There are many employee communication apps to choose from. Some focus on disseminating company news and others center around productivity and scheduling tools. Each offers a variety of features and pricing options. Choose the one that best fits your goals and budget.

The best employee communications app will integrate email and chat, and it should offer mobile access. It should also have features for instant messaging and project management.


Smarp is an employee advocacy tool that helps organizations to improve internal communication and employee engagement. It also helps to build the employer brand and amplify it across social media networks. Its features include content curation, delivery and tracking, social network integration, employee news app, mobile apps, gamification, and more.

Sociabble is another employee engagement software that offers a robust set of tools. Its platform supports sharing on all major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Weibo, VK, and LINE. It also provides multilingual support and customizable post captions.

Both Dynamic Signal and Smarp are powerful employee advocacy tools, but Smarp has more comprehensive features and functionality. It also has a well-designed mobile app that makes it easy for employees to access and share information on the go.

SocialChorus FirstUp

SocialChorus FirstUp is a digital employee experience (DEX) platform that brings personalized information and systems access to all workers. It’s built to support a wide range of use cases, including company news, line-of-business information and executive leadership communications.

It also allows HR and comms teams to create content that reduces digital noise and improves engagement. For example, it allows managers to communicate directly with their employees via chat or video calls.

If you’re looking for SocialChorus (now FirstUp) alternatives and competitors, check out these options worth considering, complete with G2 review pages and pricing information. They include Beekeeper, Jostle, and Staffbase. They are also integrated with enterprise platforms, making it easy for employees to get access to important information.


Happeo is a social intranet software that provides a centralized hub for employees to resolve queries. It integrates static intranet functionality with collaborative tools and social networking to create an optimized digital workplace. It also facilitates information sharing among the international workforce.

Using Happeo, employees can access their team’s pages, channels, and people via one easy search. They can also customize their content to suit individual preferences. However, some users have reported that the interface is confusing and difficult to navigate.

Moreover, Happeo offers rich Google Drive and Calendar integrations for improved collaboration and productivity. Its user profiles allow users to find coworkers by department or job title. They can also keep posted on company changes with alerts and notifications.


Trello is a popular project management tool that helps teams stay organized and productive. Its custom cards provide a visual representation of tasks and allow team members to easily collaborate with one another. The software is also highly accessible and can be used across different devices. It has built-in automation, Butler, and features an activity log and emojis to enhance team communication.

With the rise of remote work, it’s important to have strong digital tools that support productivity and collaboration. Trello is a great choice because it’s intuitive and easy to use, and it’s free to start with up to ten boards. It also offers a premium option with more features.

Microsoft Teams

Streamline collaboration and teamwork by using the Microsoft Teams app. This platform features a straightforward chat-based centre for fluid teaming and allows you to conduct video calls and audio meetings from desktop and mobile devices. It also supports file sharing and provides a simple way to share important documents.

A number of apps are designed to keep employees updated on company news and events. Others focus on collaboration and building communities. However, the best employee communication app for you depends on your specific needs. Choose one that reflects your organizational culture and meets your goals. It should also be recognizable and readily available through public app stores to eliminate adoption barriers.


Chanty offers a fully functional, ad-free platform for teams to collaborate. Its messaging features make it easy for managers to communicate business changes with their team members. It allows teammates to reply with a click or leave conversations with a quick ping. It also includes chat tools like pinned messages and searches for content. Chanty is adaptable and can be used by many types of businesses. For instance, restaurants can use it to share menus or promotions with staff and coordinate shift swapping. It can also be used by developers to share code snippets.

Its built-in tasks keep projects on track and offer clarity on who’s responsible for what, when. And its message history is unlimited, allowing teams to access important information at any time.

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