The Importance of Sharing

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The act of sharing is giving someone a portion or part of something you have, usually a physical object. Sharing can also refer to a feeling or opinion. Sharing is a virtue, an act of unselfishness and generosity.

In a business context, the word “share” can also mean a share of stock in a company. This share is a way to invest in the company and take part in its success.

As children grow, they learn about sharing by watching their parents and other adults. Parents can build their child’s sharing skills by praising good turn-taking and encouraging fairness, as well as by explaining why sharing is important. Children can also practice their sharing skills by choosing dress-up clothes together or drawing a big picture using the same packet of crayons.

By the age of 2 years, most children understand the concept of sharing and can begin to play fairly with others. But they might still struggle with the idea that they might not get to keep their own toys, especially if another child is already using them. And they may be impatient when waiting their turn to use a toy.

Publishing an article in a journal takes a lot of work, from writing the paper to formatting it to meet the journal’s guidelines to waiting for peer review and then getting accepted! Once your article is published, you want to share it with your colleagues and the wider world, but knowing how to share an article properly can be a bit tricky. sharing

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